Connecting World <6th-29th November 2020/> International Dialogue Weeks of Digitalization

GovTech Festival
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4 weeks of full digitization

GovTech Festival (GTF) is a unique gathering and celebration of digital, technology-driven, and innovative initiatives and solutions. Our goal is to gather all tech-savvy and curious people, from different age categories and regions of Poland and the world. There is no digital divide. We want to engage all to participate!

This year the GovTech Festival is the alternative for the UN-led stationary Internet Governance Forum 2020 (IGF), which is postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite that, we want to celebrate and meet you!

“IGF Day Zero” marks a symbolic opening of the Festival. It constitutes the kick-off of our “Year Zero”. We want to make it the “preparatory year” for the IGF 2021 hosted by Poland, so we can extend the digital festivities. It is crucial to ensure the engagement and the participation of the IGF community in our GT Festival.

Talking about technology and innovative thinking, we see moving the agenda forum to the Internet as an opportunity, rather than an obstacle. It only proves the need and the change of the modern way of working, studying, debating, and maintaining relationships with family and friends!

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Game Jam
6th November 2020 Kickoff Game Jam
Fake Hunter Challenge
13rd - 15th November 2020 The world's first Fake News marathon!
Hackathon for Cities
20th - 22nd November 2020
27th - 29th November 2020 The biggest hackathon in Europe!
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GovTech Festival Calendar
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It's a worldwide time filled with online initiatives.

These are hackathons, competitions, and webinars that respond to the needs of modern society and a dynamically developing world. We will go through the most important topics of digitization from scratch – supplementing knowledge and broadening horizons, the digital revolution, to a futuristic vision of the future. Choose your event! You can also organize an event with us, submit it to us, and become a partner of the GovTech Festival.

Week 1
6.11 - 8.11.2020
Week 2
9.11 - 15.11.2020
Week 3
16.11 - 22.11.2020
Week 4
23.11 - 29.11.2020
Side Events
Week 1
We are starting the first edition of the GovTech Festival! The one-of-a-kind festival opens with the weekend Game Jam event under the patronage of Internet Governance Forum!
Week 2
The second week of GovTech Festival is the time to fight false information! The world's first Fake News marathon will take place on the second festival weekend!
Week 3
It is true to say that each of our weeks is intense! In the third week, we invite you to the Hackathon for Cities and the Civic Brainstorm!
Week 4
The last week of the GovTech Festival! The grand finale will take place at the biggest hackathon in Europe - HackYeah!
Side Events
GovTech Festival is not only in November! We invite you to take part in accompanying events!
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