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It's a worldwide time filled with online initiatives.

These are hackathons, competitions and webinars that respond to the needs of modern society and a rapidly evolving world. We will go through the most important topics of digitization from scratch – supplementing knowledge and broadening horizons, the digital revolution, to a futuristic vision of the future. Choose your event! You can also organize an event with us, report it to us and become a GovTech Festival partner.

Side Events
Cyber Security Summit - Canadian GovTech Summit Series
This summit will provide an outlook on what security leads in the Canadian Public Sector are working on to protect data and enable digital services.
Polish-Cypriot Seminar on New Technologies
The seminar will be attended by women of science, politics and entrepreneurship from Poland and Cyprus. The conference will consist of 2 panels: the first will focus on research, innovation, start-ups and AI, and the second one on economic diplomacy and trends. Cypriot representatives of the world of science, governmental and non-governmental agencies related to new technologies, start-ups, AI as well as representatives of the Cypriot government and students will take part in the conference. Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Kyriacos Kokkinos will be a special guest of the seminar.
Business Innovation with Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is evolving fast and is replacing the traditional way of developing software solutions. Emerging technologies in the field like Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning are true game-changers that will shift market positions. With Nextgrid’s “Business Innovating with AI” workshop we are bringing you to the forefront of AI. You will be able to see, understand & try the key AI technologies and at the end of this day you will have a good understanding of where AI technologies could be applied in your daily work or in your organisation.
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Summit - Canadian GovTech Summit Series
This event will highlight the major Data and AI strategies and projects within the Canadian Public Sector.
GovTech Demo Day in New Zealand
Demo Day is the final showcase event where teams pitch their project in front of 500+ people,including ministers, government officials, stakeholders, media and interested members of the public.
12.12 - 13.12
Expert roundtable discussion: “Information threats in times of global pandemic. New challenges and opportunities for the NGO sector”
The debate is organized by the National Cybersecurity Institute and is dedicated to the information security issues in the new conditions of the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic as well as new opportunities, but also challenges that it causes for the NGO sector. Additionally, it is an opportunity to exchange views, experiences and good practices between think tanks specialized in working with information threats.