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It's a worldwide time filled with online initiatives.

These are hackathons, competitions and webinars that respond to the needs of modern society and a rapidly evolving world. We will go through the most important topics of digitization from scratch – supplementing knowledge and broadening horizons, the digital revolution, to a futuristic vision of the future. Choose your event! You can also organize an event with us, report it to us and become a GovTech Festival partner.

Week 3
16.11 - 22.11.2020
16.11 - 17.11
Polish Urban Tech Landscape
During this event will be presented the Polish area of urban technologies, the subject of technology purchases will be introduced along with the main trends that will improve life in the city.
Why do we need culture on the web?
The e-conference "Why do we need culture on the web?" is: description of the Culture on the web program as a program that supported the digital competence of the cultural sector on a massive scale and allowed to test new forms of activity in the sector. The event will also be devoted to the presentation of online tools as a way of implementing cultural projects; and projects co-financed within the framework of Culture on the Net, prepared by the authors themselves, in the form of a "toolbox".
The Future is Data
The conference is an opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices in increasing the availability and reuse of public data. Institutional partners are the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Statistical Office - partners of the "Open data plus" project.
Cybernote - a modern form of education
A special webinar consisting of two parts. In the first part we conduct a lesson (specially designed for the webinar) via the Cybernote Platform, in the second part there will be a lecture "Musical IQ". - How the learning of music influences the intellectual development of a person and why it is worth investing in the musical education of society. The lesson will be conducted by Katarzyna Guran - the author of the course located on the Cybernut Platform.
20.11 - 22.11
Hackathon for Cities
More information soon
20.11 - 22.11
Service Jam - Brainstorming
The challenges of the young generation will be the topic of the nationwide Brainstorm. Together, we will consider how to face the higher challenges of young people in an innovative and effective way. Any citizen may apply to participate.