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It's a worldwide time filled with online initiatives.

These are hackathons, competitions and webinars that respond to the needs of modern society and a rapidly evolving world. We will go through the most important topics of digitization from scratch – supplementing knowledge and broadening horizons, the digital revolution, to a futuristic vision of the future. Choose your event! You can also organize an event with us, report it to us and become a GovTech Festival partner.

Week 3
16.11 - 22.11.2020
Digital Debutants #2
During the workshops, students learn how to use their resources in everyday life, how to install applications, how to use Internet e-mail, what are internet sources, and how to organize work on a computer. The facilitator of answers to questions and guides them through the successive topics to answer students' questions and guide them through the topics to answer students' questions and guide them through the successive topics to answer students' questions. During the workshops, practical knowledge is passed to the others and encourages everyone who would like to start from scratch how to use the computer of the day effectively and efficiently. Especially, on the occasion of the holidays, we decided to propose topics that will bring you closer to the knowledge of quickly navigating the Internet and using it, among others, for the implementation of tasks.
Debate: "How do we tame technologies?"
During the debate, we will try to discover the comments and observations of experts on the topic of taming modern technologies in such a way that they help us in life and business. We will try to answer the question - what role do technologies play in our lives today and what will happen next? We will discuss specific case studies from industries and sectors represented by the participants of the debate. As part of the discussion, we want to show what strategies are adopted by the users of their technologies, as well as their customers or business partners who want to function effectively and safely in these new "remote" times.
Expert debate "China’s influence in the V4 information space"
The debate is organized by the National Cybersecurity Institute and is dedicated to the China’s influence in the information spaces of the V4 countries. Experts from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will present their assessment of the current situation in their countries, related to the Chinese information influences. The results of a research carried out as part of the international project MapInfluenCE, identifying Chinese influences in Central Europe, realized by the Association for International Affairs (AMO) and financed by The National Endowment for Democracy, will also be presented.
16.11 - 17.11
Webinar: "Urban tech solutions in cities"
In the first part of this event we will present a map of the Polish urban tech sector. We will present technological solutions improving the quality of life in the cities on which Polish start-ups are working and the main trends in this area. Then we will share our experience in the field of customer acquisition for urban tech companies and show how to efficiently search for new business opportunities in European cities. The event is organised by Urban Impact.
Expert roundtable discussion: “Information threats in times of global pandemic. New challenges and opportunities for the NGO sector”
The debate is organized by the National Cybersecurity Institute and is dedicated to the information security issues in the new conditions of the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic as well as new opportunities, but also challenges that it causes for the NGO sector. Additionally, it is an opportunity to exchange views, experiences and good practices between think tanks specialized in working with information threats.
Why do we need culture on the web?
The e-conference "Why do we need culture on the web?" is: description of the Culture on the web program as a program that supported the digital competence of the cultural sector on a massive scale and allowed to test new forms of activity in the sector. The event will also be devoted to the presentation of online tools as a way of implementing cultural projects; and projects co-financed within the framework of Culture on the Net, prepared by the authors themselves, in the form of a "toolbox".
Venture Cafe Thursday Gathering - Smart Citizens, Smart City
On Thursdays, hundreds of people from every part of the innovation community gather to enjoy, connect and learn from each other. This event is called the Venture Café Thursday Gathering – the central innovation community event in Warsaw. Participation is always free for everyone.
The Future is Data
The conference is an opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices in increasing the availability and reuse of public data. Institutional partners are the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Statistical Office - partners of the "Open data plus" project.
Cybernote - a modern form of education
A special webinar consisting of two parts. In the first part we conduct a lesson (specially designed for the webinar) via the Cybernote Platform, in the second part there will be a lecture "Musical IQ". - How the learning of music influences the intellectual development of a person and why it is worth investing in the musical education of society. The lesson will be conducted by Katarzyna Guran - the author of the course located on the Cybernut Platform.
20.11 - 22.11
Hackathon for Cities
A 48-hour programming marathon in which 100 best programmers from all over Poland will look for technological solutions to the challenges faced by Polish medium-sized cities in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. The winning teams can win up to PLN 30,000 and the opportunity to test their idea in the city.
Festival PolandSHIOK
The global success of the Polish computer games industry, with such titles as "The Witcher", "Cyberpunk 2077", "Dying Light" or "Ghostrunner" attracts the attention of developers, animators, graphic designers and sound studios from all over the world. Fans of computer games not only look forward to the greatest premieres but also for opportunities to establish new contacts and take advantage of the occasions created by the rapid development of gamedev in Poland. As part of the Game Industry Conference 2020, the largest industry conference in Central and Eastern Europe, a special Polish-Singapore path will be available, during which speakers from both countries will exchange their experiences in the field of creating computer games and the possibility of establishing business cooperation. Session will take place on November 21, 2020 from 10: 30 AM till 3: 00 PM (CET) and is an element of this year's Polish festival PolandSHIOK in Singapore and was organized with the support of the Singapore Games Association.