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It's a worldwide time filled with online initiatives.

These are hackathons, competitions and webinars that respond to the needs of modern society and a rapidly evolving world. We will go through the most important topics of digitization from scratch – supplementing knowledge and broadening horizons, the digital revolution, to a futuristic vision of the future. Choose your event! You can also organize an event with us, report it to us and become a GovTech Festival partner.

Week 4
23.11 - 29.11.2020
An Israeli Eye on A.I. - Embassy of Israel in Poland
The Embassies of Israel in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are pleased to invite you to “An Israeli Eye on A.I.”- an online conference focusing on Artificial Intelligence that will take place on the 24th of November 2020. The conference will bring together A.I. experts from different sectors from the V4 and Israel, that will discuss innovative solutions and best practices of A.I. technologies, alongside Israeli A.I. companies which will showcase their solutions.
Hackathon INFO OPS
The participants will be confronted with riddles and practical tasks prepared by a team of foundations from the fields of OSINT, cybersecurity and recognition of propaganda and disinformation materials in cyberspace.
24.11 - 26.11
{no}code Bootcamp
It is a three-day series of workshops for those who want to learn how to effectively manage projects in remote work. Thanks to the Design Thinking method, participants will learn how to improve their idea and plan actions. They will also learn about no-code tools for remote work, available even for those who have no previous experience in using IT solutions. These tools will help to monitor progress and communicate effectively. Register and find out how to take the first steps in working on online projects!
Cyber Future - IT Conference for Business
CYBER FUTURE is a meeting of IT industry experts and entrepreneurs and people connected with the broadly understood business activity. The event is a space where it is possible to undertake both discussion and cooperation in the field of broadly understood information technologies. The programme of the CYBER FUTURE conference will focus on discussing the role of IT in business. The first parts will be divided into such problems as: tools, security or infrastructure (CRM, ERP, CMS, Cloud) - such a structured thematic scope makes Cyber Future a perfect place to find solutions adequate to specific business activity.
Digital Ethics - the consumer and technology
During the webinar we will talk about how consumers and technology users perceive it in the context of moral and ethical standards. We will reflect on the ethical concerns that are emerging in different dimensions of the market and try to find out why and when technology can become a source of manipulation. Together we will look for answers to questions about the level of security in the world of technology and think about the high risk of our behaviour in the digital space.
National competition for primary school youth as part of the Govtech Festival - an event organized by the GovTech Polska Department of the Prime Minister's Office. The event is open to students and teachers from primary schools from all over Poland.
27.11 - 29.11
The largest stationary hackathon in Europe. The event brings together people from many industries: programmers, UX designers, graphic designers and product managers. Participants face the task of solving a specific problem on a global scale. To this end, they form groups of 6 and work together to solve a selected task, thus fighting for high cash prizes.